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AC-6B 8 Mulithead wigher Application:
* Dry & Processed Foods,Fresh Foods. Fox example:Sank Foods,Seeds(Pulses),Coffee(granules/beans),Tea,Sugar,Grated Chese,Bakery Products,Candies & Confectionery, Rice, Nuts & Dried Fruits,Spices,small Pasta pieces, Pet Food(pellets) etc.


* Other:Non Food
For example:small - Nuts,Bolts,Washers,Auto,Electrial and Plumbing Parts etc.
* Use the digital sensors to enhance speed, precision and anti-jamming capatiblity;
* Frame with IP65 protection;
* Statistical Data-Inspect on screen and via optional printer output;
* Optional language of operation. English ,Japanese,Chines,Italian ,German,Spanish,Russian etc.
* Options:Dimpled plate on all product contact surfaces, Overweight discharge equipment, Collection hopper,Printer.
*Weight:320Kg *Gross:373Kg
*Power Supply:220V *Power:1500W
*Package Size(mm):1360(W)×1100(D)×1020(H)

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